Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Television Portrayal
First appearance Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things
Last appearance I Want You Back (From the Dead)
Portrayed by Cindy Sampson

Cindy was the mother of Bernie. She first appeared when she came over to the apartment because she was worried about her son. She then seemed to bond with Aidan when she first met him. When she picked her son up, Bernie took Rebecca's disk to Aidan, she and her son then saw it and she returned to the apartment to talk to Aidan. She then broke the disk right in front of him and told him to leave Bernie alone. She then witnessed her son being hit by a car and was happy and mad at the same time when she saw Aidan again. She then went to the infirmary and witnessed her son's confirmed death; she is then comforted by Aidan and attended his funeral where she was so upset she took her son's picture and threw it on the ground. She never found out her son was turned into a vampire.

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