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"Coolest of the Cool"
Coolest of the Cool

Cast John MitchellAidan Turner

BernieMykola Allen

Episode chronology
"Happy Annie-versary"
"Dirty B*st*rd"

Coolest of the Cool is a deleted scene that was cut from the eleventh scence of the fourth episode during the first series. It is an extra on the DVD of the first series.


John Mitchell talks with Bernie. He tells Bernie that he was the dorkiest dork. That is why Bernie wants to know when Mitchell started to be cool. Mitchell wonders why Bernie thinks he is cool and tells him it is all camouflage. He also says that Bernie shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up. He adds that all that fitting in stuff comes down to copying and that you loose sight of who you are. Bernie answers that he is not sure he likes who he is. He thinks that he is just a geeky looner who other kids pick on. Mitchell tells him not to say that and that Bernie will always be best at being himself, because nobody else gets to do that. He adds that Bernie shouldn't change to suit some idiots who can't stand that he is different. Bernie replies that Mitchell did, which leaves Mitchell speachless.