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"She's not interested!"
Annie Sawyer

Jonathan Cooper is first seen as the police pathologist and the boss to Nancy Reid. Nicknamed 'Closet Cooper' by his colleagues.  Nancy investigates the Box Tunnel 20 massacre and Cooper attempts to make her drop it.

Later, Nancy runs finger print tests on Mitchell and Cooper tells her that the only matches that he found were, one from a long, long time ago and another on the box tunnel 20, however, despite, Nancy thinking she's got Mitchell, Cooper tells her that he cannot let her reveal this and reveals himself to be a vampire, he also tells Nancy that she had a ghost following her around.

Nancy kicks Cooper in the leg, crawls under the Box Tunnel 20 carriage and to the other side, she tells Cooper that she is arresting him for assualting a police officer and perverting the course of justice, she then uses a mirror to see around the corner, but, as vampires cannot be seen in mirrors, Cooper catches her unaware.

He offers her to be recruited, calling it an evolutionary promotion, he gets his fangs out and Annie quickly stakes him from behind saying that Nancy isn't interested. Cooper dies.