Craig Ford
Craig Ford
Biographical information

ca. 1993



Physical description

Werewolf (Type 3)
Human (Formerly)



Family information
Family members

Mrs. Ford - Mother



Television Portrayal

All God's Children

It's still me, sir. Devil comes with the moon, sir.
— To Kemp

Craig Ford was a 17-year old werewolf. Craigs mother, Mrs. Ford, calls Kemp. She knows that Craig transfrorms into a werewolf every full moon and thinks he is being possessed. So she want's Kemp's help to help Craig get rid of the werewolf curse.

Kemp goes with Craig to London. There he tries to get rid of the curse with prayers and by using religious items. This doesn't work.

So Kemp calls Prof. Lucy Jaggert. Lucy has an idea, and sets up an experiment where they lock Craig Ford in a room and reduce the moon pressure. Craig doesn't transform, but blood soaks through his scrubs. He finally dies. Lucy however doesn't think that this is important. The experiment had partly worked out, since Craig didn't transform. So she urges Kemp to make more experiments.

Soon Kemp introduces Lucy to Amy McBride. Amy comes along with the werewolf Lee Tully, with whom she is engaged. Amy McBride is a friend of Craig and got Kemps contact information from Craig.

In the episode All God's Children Craig Ford appeares to Lloyd Pinkie covered in blood.

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