Crumb's Sister and Niece
Crumbs sister and niece1
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased (drained of blood by Crumb)
Television Portrayal
First appearance Sticks and Rope

Ian Cramb loves his sister and niece very much, he even has a photo of them in his portemonai. However when he becomes he vampire, he can't think about nothing but killing them. Crumb is very shocked about these thoughts. Finally Crumb goes away with Mr Rook, who had promised him work. Rook however locks him down with his sister and niece. In despair Crumb hammers against the door. Then the hunger becomes stronger than anything else, Crumb kills his sister and his niece.

By this Rook wants to make sure that Alistair Frith knows that his work is important. He explains to Alistair, that vampires need someone that supports them. Otherwise they kill their most loved family members. Crumb did not want to kill, but his hunger made him do so.

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