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"Cure and Contagion"
Series 2, Episode 1
Cure and Contagion

Broadcast date 10 January 2010
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Colin Teague
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Being Human - Unearthed"
"Serve God, Love Me and Mend"
George: "It's not about you any more, so there's nothing left for you to do. You're like a piece of um... deadly furniture."
Mitchell: "Did you just call me deadly furniture?"
George insults Mitchell


Two vampires, Ivan and Daisy, arrive in Bristol to torment Mitchell and George over their involvement in Herrick's murder.

As George struggles to deal with the blood on his hands, he begins pushing Nina away – and finds himself drawn to Daisy instead. But Nina has her own problems: she too has become a werewolf, after being scratched by George. Meanwhile, Mitchell meets an attractive new doctor named Lucy, and gives her a goldfish.

Annie decides to get more involved in the real world, and gets herself a job as a barmaid; and the sinister Kemp continues his investigations into the supernatural: after a fatal experiment on a werewolf, he arranges a visit to the housemates’ home


Several major characters are introduced in this episode:


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Lullaby, by The Cure, from the album Disintegration (1989) - playing on the soundtrack as George and Nina head off separately to transform
  • Simple Town, by Willy Mason, from the album If the Ocean Gets Rough (2010) - playing on the soundtrack as Nina gets into the hospital lift, looking miserable
  • Sanity Overture, by The Frequency, from the EP Morning to 3AM (2009) - playing on the stereo when Annie brings Saul back to the house
  • Time and Space, by The Accidental, from the album There Were Wolves (2008) - playing on the soundtrack as Annie makes tea for all the neighbours in the street

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