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"Cutler & Fergus"
Cutler & Fergus

Cast Nick CutlerAndrew Gower

FergusAnthony Flanagan

Episode chronology
"Annie & Baby in Kitchen"
"Hal and Tom in the Street"

Cutler & Fergus is a deleted scene that was cut from the 55th scence of the first episode during the fourth series. It is an extra on the DVD of the fourth series.


Fergus drinks blood, when Nick Cutler. Cutler asks him about the police reports on Coast View Road, where Herrrick killed all these cops. Fergus tells Cutler that he can not help him, as they are no files as it never happened. Edgar Wyndham did a total lockdown. The victim's families were paid of and were told that their husbands died some other way. There is litterary no word been putten down about it.