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Series 2, Episode 7

Broadcast date 21 February 2010
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Charles Martin
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"In The Morning"
"All God's Children"
Mitchell: "Daisy needs closure. And she's decided that the best way of getting that is by cutting your throat."
Daisy: "It's healthy to turn anger outwards, you see."
Mitchell and Daisy threaten Quinn for answers

Damage is the seventh episode of Series 2 and thirteenth episode of Being Human overall.


Mitchell and Daisy, the sole survivors of the explosion, try to get to the bottom of who was responsible. When Mitchell discovers that Lucy was behind it, he goes berserk and vows retaliation. Nina returns, and offers George a chance at a cure. George initially refuses, but changes his tune when a confusion of time causes him to begin his transformation in public, frightening Molly in the process.

Annie also seeks the help of Kemp to cross over, but his methods prove to be quite time-consuming if not utterly pointless.


  • The young chaplain Mark who unintentionally reveals Lucy's surname to Mitchell is the same chaplain who had attended Mitchell's bedside at the hospital in series 1, episode 6. He is well aware of the existence of vampires due to the attack on Mitchell by Herrick's men on that occasion.
  • Mitchell's rage driven massacre of 20 people on a train (the 'Box Tunnel 20') would go on to be the main plot driver for the next series, as well as also having repercussions in the Fourth Series.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of the pink-painted Totterdown house that was the series' main setting for its first two years. The house is last seen (with Mitchell leaning from a top floor window) from the inside of the Volvo as George and Annie drive away, heading for Kemp's 'facility'. Annie - "we're not coming back, are we?"


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Yes, by Colourmusic, from the Red EP (2009) - playing on the soundtrack as George flees Molly's school while transforming
  • Miserere Mei, Deus, by Gregorio Allegri (c1630) - monastic setting of Psalm 51, playing on the soundtrack as George and Annie leave the house and drive to Kemp's HQ

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