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Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Occupation Student
Television Portrayal
First appearance Episode 1 (Becoming Human)
Last appearance Episode 2 (Becoming Human)
Portrayed by John Boyega

Danny Curtis was a human bully who attended school with Adam, Christa, and Matt.


Danny's father left when Danny was a baby. To get money Danny's mother sent Danny to do odd jobs or paper rounds, after this she took all the money Danny got. (Update 8)

When Matt was still alive, he bullied him worse than any others, leading Matt to suspect him for murdering him. When confronted by Adam and Christa, he reveals that he couldn't have killed Matt, as he was merely a sarcastic with deep-seeded insecurities. (Episode 2 (Becoming Human))

Danny is a friend of Brandy Mulligan (Episode 1 (Becoming Human))

Because Christa wants Danny to become a nicer and better person Christa adds Danny's name onto several lists of social projects of the school like partnering a pensionare, the gardening club or the school musical. (Update 9). Indeed Danny's behavior changes and he becomes the pupil of the month, for turning over a new leaf and his outstanding commitment as a volunteer worker. (Update 20).