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Defective Vampire
Species information


Eye colour

Gold (left eye)
Varies (right eye)

Skin colour


Hair colour

White (initially)

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Native range

United States

  • Golden eye colour
  • Bloated deformed face
  • Jagged teeth

Normal Vampires



Defective Vampires are a mutant breed of Vampire, that arose after the Virus.



Defective Vampires are created when a standard Vampire, whose system has been contaminated by the ingestion of werewolf blood, sires a new Vampire; the contamination from werewolf blood will cause anyone whom the affected Vampire turns, to transition into a mutant breed, instead of a regular Vampire.

Diet and blood-thirst[]

Similar to normal Vampires, Defective Vampires must regularly drink blood to maintain their health and vitality. However, defective Vampires can also feed on Werewolf blood, as well as Human blood; probably due to how their mutation is directly caused by werewolf-blood contamination. Defective Vampires will also experience a greater hunger for blood than regular Vampires; according to Kenny, he needs to consume three to four times as much blood as a regular Vampire would in order to maintain his strength.

When they are newly-turned, Defective Vampires are overcome by their bloodlust, and are driven to attack and feed on humans, werewolves, and normal vampires alike without hesitation, no matter how much they drink. However, the insatiable bloodlust that Defective Vampires experience, as with their deformity, will fade over time; to a point where the risk of losing control and attacking others will be manageable, similar to the bloodlust of a regular Vampire.


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Kenny Fisher as a newly-turned Defective Vampire, before his deformity partially fades with a few months.

Once a person becomes a defective vampire, initially, their appearance alters drastically, overall resembling the original bloated, monstrous depiction of vampires of folklore. Their face becomes swollen and disfigured, their hair partially falls out and turns white, and their eyes become nonhuman-looking and gold-coloured with dilated pupils, resembling werewolf eyes after they had transformed. Their teeth also become jagged and uneven and green-coloured, and their fingernails grow out into claws. This alteration in appearance occurs while the person is turning before they wake up upon the transformation's completion.

However, over a matter of months after being turned, the defective vampire's deformed and monstrous appearance partially fades. Their hair grows back and regains its original colour, and their right eye reverts to its original human colour while the left eye retains its nonhuman appearance. The swollen appearance in their face also goes down somewhat, though parts of the face remain bloated and swollen. Their claws also disappear, and the teeth remain jagged but lose their darken, rotten-looking colour. Because Kenny was the only defective vampire to live long enough for this to happen, it is unknown if the changes vary between defective vampires.


Defective vampires share similar traits and abilities of a standard vampires, but to a more advanced degree.

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New defective vampire Jeff Weston, overpowering and attempting to feed on Aidan, a 260-year-old normal vampire.

  • Enhanced Vitality - Defective vampires possess greater strength and vitality than humans and most werewolves. They are able to run, fight and exert themselves with stamina and endurance that is superior to any human, however they still feel fatigue and can even be knocked out by physical trauma, albeit to a lesser degree. Like all of their abilities, a Defective Vampire's vitality is effected by the amount of blood in their system, however they require a greater amount of blood in order to sustain their vitality than a standard Vampire.
  • Enhanced Strength - Defective Vampires possess tremendously enhanced strength, being noticeably physically stronger than adult Humans, untransformed Werewolves, as well as regular Vampires; a newly-turned defective vampire being more or less equal in strength to a centuries-old standard Vampire. A Defective Vampire's increased strength is sufficient to easily overpower, lift, toss and throw humans, untransformed Werewolves and regular Vampires; their strength has been described as inhuman, and being on par with that of a predatory animal.
  • Accelerated Speed - Vampires are able to accelerate their movements to quickly cover short and long distances. They are able to move at speeds surpassing even the fastest land vehicle, able to move at speeds so fast that normal humans cannot perceive them. Their speed seems to be tied to how recently they fed, causing a rush that allows them to move at such rapid speeds, similar to an adrenaline rush in humans. A Defective Vampire’s physical abilities are equal or superior to a standard Vampire’s. 
  • Enhanced Senses - Defective Vampires possess heightened, predatory senses, that are far superior to that of a human, or a mutt Werewolf; like Vampires, they can smell Humans from as far off as a mile away, and assess their physical condition from their scent. When the defective vampire Kenny was turned and he was till adjusting to his new abilities, he could hear the heartbeat and smell the blood of an unconscious werewolf who was just a few feet from him (Ruh-Roh).
  • Enhanced Mind Compulsion - Defective Vampires possess the standard Vampiric ability of mental compulsion, however, a defective Vampire’s compulsion is much more advanced. Defective Vampires can use compulsion to influence, manipulate, and even modify a person's mind, will and memories with eye contact and verbal command. Defective Vampires can compel Humans, Werewolves, Ghosts, and even standard Vampires. A Defective Vampire’s compulsion ability is even capable of passively altering others perception of their appearance; enabling Defective Vampires to hide their deformities to anyone who sees them, without the need for verbal commands, without any detrimental effect to the subjected person’s psyche, regardless of how often the subjected person is exposed to the Defective Vampire’s compulsion.
  • Enhanced Recovery - Defective Vampires are able to recover from wounds and injuries at a much faster rate than other beings such as werewolves and humans. They can heal and recover from injuries that human beings would not be able to recover from; standard Vampires have been able to recover from being impaled through the chest in a matter of hours, and it is likely that defective Vampires can recover at the same rate.
  • Clairvoyance - Defective Vampires share a normal Vampire's ability to detect werewolves by their dog-like scent, and as supernatural beings, to see and hear ghosts. Like normal Vampires, their awareness of the supernatural seems to be more enhanced than other supernatural species, able to detect ghosts and werewolves on sight, and instinctively sense vampires.
  • Enhanced Resilience - Defective Vampires possess greater endurance and stamina than humans, making them more resilient to fatigue and trauma. Defective Vampires are essentially invulnerable to most conventional causes of fatality, they can endure trauma such as high velocity impacts, damage to vital organs, gunshots, even impalement and eventually recover. There are however certain exceptions and restrictions to a Defective Vampire's resilience, with injuries such as a stake to the heart, or decapitation resulting in instant death.
  • Immortality - Defectives Vampires are an undead supernatural species with and endless lifespan. Defective Vampires do not physically age from the moment they are turned, and will maintain this physical age regardless of how much time has passed. Due to their advanced rate of recovery, they also do not develop any long lasting or permanent injuries, the only notable physical change that may occur is hair growth. Defective Vampires are also immune to conventional earthly disease and are capable of living forever, provided they are not killed through unconventional methods such as staking or decapitation.


Defective vampires share most of the fatal and non-fatal weaknesses of regular vampires. Like regular vampires, defective vampires also burn away to ashes when they die; although just before they perish, the defective vampire loses their facial bloating and nonhuman eye colour, reverting to their human facial appearance.

  • Enhanced bloodlust - Newly-turned defective vampires have less control over their bloodlust than regular vampires; being more prone to attacking, and being almost certain to feed if they sight or smell a bloody wound.
  • Wooden stakes - Like normal vampires, defective vampires can be killed by a wooden stake piercing their heart.
  • Juniper - Like with regular vampires, if the plant juniper gets into a defective vampire's system, it will leave them severely weakened and paralysed for hours before they recover, during which time they're almost completely defenceless and open to attack.
  • Fire - Defective vampires can be destroyed by burning with gasoline and fire, at least when they're still transforming since being turned and haven't awoken yet.
  • Invitation Deprivation - Defective Vampires cannot cross the threshold of a residence owned by Humans or Werewolves, without the owner's permission, unless the vampire itself either lives there or was turned there. Presumably like Vampires, entering a living residence uninvited will cause the Defective Vampire to burn, and can fatally burn the Defective Vampire if they don't quickly vacate the premises. If the ownership of the house officially changes whilst a Defective Vampire is still inside, the invitation is nullified, and the Defective Vampire will perish unless they immediately escape.
  • Decapitation - Seperating a Defective Vampire's head from their body will kill them instantly or near instantly.

Other characteristics[]

Defective vampires do not suffer the crippling and seizure-inducing effects of consuming werewolf blood that regular vampires suffer, as a consequence of werewolf blood inducing the mutation that causes defective vampires.

Like normal vampires, defective vampires also lose certain biological defects such as incorrect-vision that they had as humans, seeing as Jeff Weston stopped wearing his glasses after being turned into a defective vampire.


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A group of vampires feeding on a werewolf.

Defective Vampires came into being following the outbreak of the Virus, after the remaining Vampires in Boston learned that werewolf blood could be used as a vaccine against the effects of the Virus, the Vampire populous immunised themselves by ambushing and feeding on werewolves.

The first known Defective Vampire was created when Aidan unknowingly turned Jeff Weston during a blood-drunk stupor; Jeff would be staked by Aidan in self-defence a day later. A large number of people were also turned into Defective Vampires by the other vaccinated Vampires in Boston, however the new Defective Vampires were also round up by Liam before they had awoken and were killed by Josh and Nora.

Aidan had turned Kenny Fisher before becoming aware of the Defective Vampires, however Kenny survived. After the threat of the Virus had finally passed, Kenny took charge of the rebuilding of the vampire society in Boston, creating blood banks and a more peaceful society of Vampires. However, when Aidan lied to Kenny about how the latter's werewolf girlfriend Astrid was killed, the two came to blows and Aidan accidently killed Kenny.



Because Kenny is the only defective vampire to interact with more than one normal vampire, it is generally unknown what the relationship between the two vampire types are. But due to defective vampires basically being the same as regular vampires, it is assumed that defective vampires are treated as such. However, despite his youth Kenny quickly rose to become ruler of Boston with little to no challenge from regular vampires, suggesting that because of their enhanced abilities defective vampires are somewhat feared by the regular breed. This theory is supported by how Kenny was able to scare Blake.


Again, with the exception of the group of vampires slain by Nora and Josh, Kenny is the only defective vampire shown to interact with werewolves. However, the relationship is pretty much the same as it is between werewolves and normal vampires, presumably due to werewolves no noticing or knowing the difference between defective and normal vampires. Mark and his pack, for instance, treated Kenny the same way they treated Aidan and apparently couldn't tell any difference between the two despite it being close to the full moon. However, just like normal vampires the defective type are able to form friendly, and even romantic, relationships with werewolves as shown by Kenny and Astrid.

List of known defective vampires[]

Image Name Age Status Hierarchy
S03 e0311 07 136362309621 CC 640x360 Jeff Weston 1 day (vampire age) Deceased Aidan's "son"
S03 e0313 18 136478130206 CC 640x360 Group of defective vampires 1 day (vampire age) Deceased Orphans
Image Kenny Fisher 18 (5 months as a vampire) Deceased Aidan's "son"
Leader of Boston vampire clan


  • Defective vampires can be viewed as the Being Human version of a vampire-werewolf hybrid, seeing as they were created through the mixing of vampire and werewolf blood. This is supported by the fact that unlike normal vampires, defective vampires can drink werewolf blood without any side effects.
  • It is unknown what would happen if a defective vampire sired someone; such as if that person would become a defective vampire, if they would become a standard Vampire, or if it would create a new breed of Vampires. It is also unknown if any vampires they sire will be affected if the defective vampire had drank werewolf blood before doing so.
  • Presumably, due to the werewolf blood in their system, Defective Vampires are immune to the virus. This is supported by the fact Kenny survived three months alone and did not fall ill before the virus had died out.
  • Defective vampires bear a slighty resemblance to Count Orlok from "Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror".