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Demons are a supernatural species of malevolent paranormal entities, which can be evoked by humans that follow them and make pacts with these human followers - when evoked, demons will give their followers a reward such as riches, eternal youth or all-knowledge, in exchange for a human sacrifice. Vampires are aware of demons. Though demons have never been seen, it is known that they have some hierarchy amongst themselves; among the demon hierarchy are the Kings of Hell, who serve as henchmen to Lucifer. (Ramona the Pest)

Before Beatrice and Ramona Benson were born, their parents Carl and Joy joined a cult which worshipped the King of Hell Paimon and sought to gain all-knowledge from him. When Romano was a girl, the cult evoked Paimon and sacrificed Ramona to him for the all-knowledge they sought; and Ramona's spirit afterwards became a dark entity which served as the house's personification of evil, and Ramona sought to kill as many in the house as she could to sustain her existence. (Ramona the Pest)

Known Demons:[]


Lucifer (presumably the leader of the Demons and a Demon)

Ramona Benson (presumably)