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Denise O'Halloran
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holiday rep.


Denise O'Halloran is a human. She was a friend of Annie and Owen. She doesn't know that Annie has died, because she spent the last two years on other countries as a holiday rep. In 2010 she suddenly stands infront of Annies house asking for Owen. Mitchell tells her that Owen is not around, however then Denise sees Annie. Annie is surprised and happy that her friend can actually see her, while other humans can't. She asks Denise to stay over. Denise is the ultimate party girl and likes to bring Annie out of her shell. Together they go to a lot of parties and Denise even asks her to organise a Bingo night. For the first couple of hours the bingo night wents pretty well, even though there are a lot of vampires around. However then a strange smell distracts the vampires. They call it the "Taint". It smells like the sweetest blood, and once they have smelled it all they can think about is to feed. Annie, Mitchell, George, Moonpaw, Rainbow Jones and Denise manage to flee from the vampires, while Mitchell needs all his energy to resist the smell.

At Annies house they all realise that the Taint is coming from Denise. She suffered from bloodpoising since she was bitten by a rare spider on a Greek Island. This bloodpoising gave her the sweetest blood. Vampires are unable to resist, however Denise did not know that at that time. After she came back to England Denise went to see Dr Declan McGough. He gave her a medicine and told her this is going to destroy the virus. However it wasn't going to destroy the virus, it made the virus stronger so that it took all over her body. Dr Declan McGough wanted to create a new weapon with her blood against vampires. He wanted to mix Denise's blood with the blood of Leo Willis who was immune to vampires. If vampires drank Leos blood they would have died. Mixed with Denise's blood it would make it impossible forthe vampires to resist the blood, even though it would kill them.

Denises finally dies from the bloodpoisining, she returns as a ghost and says goodbye to Mitchell, George and Annie. Then she crosses over.