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"Doggy Style"
Doggy Style

Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow

George SandsRussell Tovey
John MitchellAidan Turner
NeighbourJoe Hall

Episode chronology
"Mitchell's Temptation"
"Annie's Life Story"

Doggy Style is a scene that was cut from the 27th scence of the second episode during the first series. It is an extra on the DVD of the first series.


Mitchell and Annie talk about David Bowie. Annie thinks Bowie owns the rights to Connect Four. However it might also be Iggy Pop or Klerplunk. George gets out, behaves like Lee Tully and leaves. A neighbour of the trio comes and shouts at Mitchell because he thinks Mitchell has grapped his wife's ass when she was putting out the rubbish. She complained but the guy just said that there was plenty more where that came from and that they could try the doggy style. Then the guy hits Mitchell. Mitchell says that he did not do this.