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Dr Declan McGough
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presumably 2010

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Janice Prescott (presumably)

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new administrator the St. Jude's Hospital


Dr. Declan McGough is the new administrator at the St. Jude's Hospital. The employees fear him, since he cancels a lot of job, and the person, who does not work accurately is going to be the next person who get's fired. Dr. McGough wants the work at the hospital to be efficiently. He even tells the employees that they should tell him if another employee hasn't done his work right. So everyone keeps an eye on the other and the employees work overtime, since they want to keep their jobs. In the 70s Dr Declan McGough's daughter Jenny has died. She was killed by a vampire (presumably Christopher). Since this time Dr Declan was never happy again. He made contact with a religious organisation (which could be the CenSSA - since Kemps daughter was also killed during that time) and became a vampire hunter. He had killed a lot of them until he finally arrives in Bristol. He learns about Denise O'Halloran's Taint. Whenever a vampire smells it he wants to feed on her. Dr. Declan McGough wants her blood to mix it up with Leo Willis's blood. When vampires drink Leo Willis's blood they will die instantly. Denise's blood will make it impossible to resist the blood even though they might die from it. So Dr. Declan McGough has the ultimative weapon against vampires. But as Kemp he also doesn't care if a human dies, as long as it helps him to kill vampires. Even though he knows that Denise's taint comes from a dangerous virus, that threatens her life, he makes sure that the virus becomes stronger. At the end Denise dies from the virus. Dr. Declan McGough presumably is killed, since suddenly he disappeared from the hospital without another word, leaving all his things behind.