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"You've got a fight on your hands..."
George Sands

Edgar Wyndham was a vampire and one of the Old Ones. He was over 1,000 years old having been turned sometime in the 10th century, he posed as a senior police officer while he sorted out the problems caused by Mitchell's arrest that threatened to reveal the existence of vampires to mankind and put at risk vampire plans for the world.

He arrived at Honolulu Heights at the climax of the Series 3 finale, just in time to halt Mitchell's attempt to have George stake him to remove his taint from the lives of the other three. Wyndham stated that the vampires are now taking over the world and that the only reason that they are not taking action against George, Nina and Annie is his curiosity about Annie's potential for power and about the outcome of Nina's pregnancy, claiming that two werewolves have never conceived before and curious about what will result.

He also stated that he had plans for Mitchell and demands that the younger vampire comes with him, stating that he'll use Mitchell as an "attack dog" to kill others at his order and whim. Mitchell is compelled to agree but at the last minute George, horrified at what this will mean for his friend, finally takes action and stakes Mitchell to save him from being used in that way. Afterwards, George states to Wyndham "I think you've got a fight on your hands." It was revealed in series 4 that George killed him shortly after Mitchell.

The fact that he just walked through the front door of Honolulu Heights suggests that the Old Ones no longer have the inability that younger vampires have to cross the threshold of a building without invitation. However, considering he said "You don't live to be a thousand years old without learning a few tricks!" this could maybe imply this is an ability he has picked up himself rather than an ability granted to all vampires once they reach a certain age but this only a theory .

Fergus mentions him in episode 3 of Series 4 in the flashback to 1855, where he mentions a bunch of Old Ones (Ivan, Wyndham, Jacob, Hettie and Mr. Snow) and how all of them but Mr. Snow are scared of Hal.