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Emil Parsons
Biographical information
Cause of Death

Fell out of tree

Passed over

Destroyed by the Devil in 1918

Physical description

Necromancer (Former)



Hair colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Unnamed sister-in-law
Unnamed Brother (presumably)

Occupation Necromancer
Television Portrayal
AppearanceThe Trinity
ActorJeremy Swift
"He fell out of a tree trying to see into his sister-in-law's bathroom."
―Hal, telling Lady Catherine how Emil died.[src]

Emil Parsons was a dead necromancer who attempted, with Hal and Lady Catherine, to trap and kill the Devil in 1918. He is portrayed by Jeremy Swift. 

Judging by his clothing, he may have died in the 17th century.

During the ritual, the Devil dispersed him when Hal neglected to use his own blood in the binding ritual, weakening the ritual so that the Devil was merely trapped in human form while retaining enough of his powers.

Lady Catherine, Hal and Emil, 1918.

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