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"Episode 1"
Series 1, Episode 1
Episode 1

Broadcast date January 30th 2011
Written by Brian Dooley
Directed by Alex Kalymnios
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Episode 2"
Someone once told me the way to stay true is to suround yourself with good people. But first I had to go back to school!
Adam in the Prologue
(the "someone" is Mitchell)

The vampire Adam decides to go to a high school. There he meets the werewolf Christa. However, she denies to be a werewolf. Both meet the ghost Matt. Matt was murdered recently. To help him move on to the other side, Christa and Adam want to solve the murder.

Episode 1 is the longest episode with 12:08 minutes.


  • Plastic Jungle by Miike Snow, from the album Miike Snow (2009)
  • Formula of Fear by Hybrid, from the album Disappear Here (2010)
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