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"Episode 2"
Series 1, Episode 2
Episode 2

Broadcast date February 6th 2011
Written by Brian Dooley
Directed by Alex Kalymnios
Guest Cast
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"Episode 3"
Are you walking with me? Are you seriously walking through this school with me?

Matt believes that Danny Curtis has killed him. He used to bully Matt and Matt remembers that he has seen Danny shortly before his death. Therefore, Christa and Adam confront Danny with the murder. Matt scares Danny by turning the lights off and on, throwing stuff around etc. He presents himself as a perfect poltergeist. It turns out that Danny Matt hasn't murdered Matt and that Matt just accused him as he wanted revenge. Adam and Christa are very angry about this.

Episode 2 is 5:08 minutes long.


  • Ketto by Bonobo, from the album Days to Come (2006)
  • Dali by Martin Grech, from the album Open Heart Zoo (2002)
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