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"Episode 3"
Series 1, Episode 3
Episode 3

Broadcast date February 13th 2011
Written by Brian Dooley
Directed by Alex Kalymnios
Guest Cast
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"Episode 4"
I'm never gonna leave. I'm never gonna grow up. I'm stuck like this. An ugly duckling, that will never become a swan.
Matt in the prologue

Adam, Christa and Matt continue to debate about a possible murderer. Brandy Mulligan caught Matt before his death, while he was looking into the girls locker room. The three think that Brandy is the possible murder. Meanwhile Christa suffers from being a werewolf.

Episode 3 is 5:45 minutes long.


  • Magicman by Bonobo, from the album One Offs... Remixes and B-Sides (2002)
  • Motion 5000 by Roots Manuva, from the album Brand New Second Hand (1999)
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