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"Episode 8"
Series 1, Episode 8
Episode 8

Broadcast date March 20th 2011
Written by John Jackson
Directed by Alex Kalymnios
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Episode 7"
"End of the series"
You don't have to go. I mean this has been kind of fun.
Christa to Matt when Matts door appears

The murderer of Matt is revealed. It is Mr Roe. Mr Roe was constantly bullied by his students and Mr Swan. When Mr. Swan goes to the toilets, Mr Roe meets Matt. Matt scratches with a key Christa's name into the wall. Mr Roe believes that Matt is the one who scratched into his car, so he kills Matt. When Mr Roe tells Matt why he has killed him, Matt's door appears. However, Mr Roe attacks Adam and Christa. So they push Mr Roe through Matts door - as a living human being. Matts door vanishes and Matt stays with Christa and Adam at school.

Episode 8 is 6:31 minutes long.

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