Being Human Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Home Bristol
Television Portrayal
First appearance
Appearances "Episode 1.4"
Portrayed by Julia Ford

Fleur is the mother of Bernie. She was a neighbour of Mitchell, George and Annie. A single mother, following a misunderstanding regarding Mitchell's intentions in befriending her son, turned the neighbourhood against the trio. After Bernie's accident, Mitchell offered her the choice to save him, which she accepted. Faced with caring for an immortal child for the rest of her days, she and Bernie left Bristol. (Another Fine Mess)

Fleur and Bernie move to Yorkshire. Bernie recruits terminally ill children and his mother takes care of them. She is training as a phlebotomist and works part-time in a blood clinic. From there she brings human blood home. Furthermore family members of Bernies infected children, donate their own blood, provide financial assistance, and help with home schooling.(Leaked Rook emails)