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Gavin Foot
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Gavin Foot is a journalist. Mitchell meets Gavin at the Intensive Care of the St. Jude's Hospital. He visits his aunt Barbara Mumbles, who is in a coma. Mitchell soon finds out that Barbara isn't Gavins aunt and that Gavin is researching some mysterious deaths in the hospital. He knows that paperwork disappeared, documents went missing etc. For him it seems like s.o. clears up behind everyone else. He knows there is something wrong with the deaths of Thomas Ho and Barry Jones. For him it seems like those deaths are connected with the coma of Rebecca Hywel-Jones and  Chantell Roy. He knows that some of the documents about them went missing. And now he wants to find out why. He says that ghosts put him on to this. One morning someone left a card on the news editor's desk. The four kids names and the fact that someone had messed with their files. The news editor passed the card to Gavin. But no one saw who left the card. It wasn't posted it was just there. Someone came unseen into the building. So Gavin needed to research on this. However Mitchell just tells him later that this was a human error. He also tells him that drugs killed the four kids. Gavin suspects that there is some more. However at first he has enough for a newspaper article.

Gavin also visits Denise's and Annie's Bingo party. Because the vampires smeel the Taint, they go crazy and hunt the humans. Gavin hides behind a bush and watches it. After Gavin has survived a vampire attack he suddenly looses his memory. He doesn't remember what has happened. He realises that he is just a weddings and flower shows and openings of second-hand car showrooms kind of person. He is not interested in the bigger picture anymore.