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George and Herrick
George und Herrick
General Information
Intimacy Level Enemies
First Met 2009
last mentioned The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

George and Herrick are enemies. After Herrick tries to kill Mitchell and tries to take over the world, George fights Herrick in his werewolf form. Herrick is killed, but a year later Daisy and Cara bring him back to life. Herrick however doesn't remember who is and is in a psychiatirie. As Nina and George are afraid that the supernatural world gets known by the humans they pick up Herricks and let him live in their house.

Now George and Herrick have a different relationship. They get along a lot better. When Herrick regains his memory, he also remembers how how he has died. He wants to take revenge and stabs Nina with a knife into her heart, but Nina is saved and Herrick is killed by Mitchell with a wooden stake.