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George and Tully
General Information
Intimacy Level infector, infectee
First Met 2009
Status both death
last mentioned All God's Children

During a full moon night in 2007 the werewolf Tully came across George and scrached him. Because of this George was turned into werewolf. After that night Tully searched for George. He found him in 2009. However, he concealed the fact that he had turned George into a werewolf. Tully said to George that being a werewolf is a good thing. What he didn't told George is that Tully's wife had left him after he had become a werewolf and that he did not know how to cope with a life as a werewolf. When George found out, that Tully was the werewolf who scrached him in 2007, he ended the friendship with Tully and both went their separate ways. In 2010 Tully however warned George, that all the werewolfs who had taken part at the CenSSA experiments had died.