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"George visits his parents"
George visits his parents

Cast George SandsRussell Tovey

Nina PickeringSinead Keenan
Ruth SandsMarion Bailey
Marcus LogueDanny Webb

Episode chronology
"Cara and Mitchell"
"Lia and her Brother"

George visits his parents is a deleted scene that was cut from the34th scence of the sixth episode during the third series. It is an extra on the DVD of the third series.


Nina supports George while Marcus Logue complains why George has left his family and not telling them that he was dead. Ruth tells Marcus to leave her and George alone. She tells George how she was looking for him. She didn't stop looking for him. One day George Sands Snr. told her that he thinks George is not coming back. Ruth also tells George that she can see in George eyes that the thing that kept George away was terrible and he changed because of it.