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"Getting the Big House"
Getting the Big House

Cast Alex MillarKate Bracken

Hal YorkeDamien Molony
CrumbColin Hoult
AlanHamza Jeetooa

Episode chronology
"The Goblin an the Knight"
"Kill the Beast"

Getting the Big House is a deleted scene that was cut from the 4th episode during the fifth series. It is an extra on the DVD of the fifth series.


Crumb and Alan get into Honolulu Heights, because Crumb wants to have the same as Hal: a big house, good mates and a pretty ghost. They put blood in the wine and give it to Hal, because according to them blood is the only thing that makes Hal different to them. Hal replies that they are not at all like them. He has spilled more blood than they will ever drink, he seduced more women than they can imagine and he sired enough vampires to raise an army on his own. He says that they have unleashed the beast. He is Lord Henry Yorke and they will obey him. Crumb and Alex hide behind the sofa, while Alex, who watches all this tells Hal to stop. Then Hal tells Alex he was faking. He knew the smell of blood and did not drink it.