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AppearanceGhost Town
ActorAlex Price
"Sorry, are we actually having Gilbert fun yet?"
Annie Sawyer

Gilbert was a ghost who died in 1985. He is portrayed by Alex Price.


Series 1[]

Gilbert befriended Annie, and helped her to find resolution to her death. He was introduced to her by Mitchell at a dance bar. He remained very caught up in '80s culture, particularly displaying a love of melancholy New Wave music. His cause of death was not revealed.

Cynical, intellectual and morose, in the course of their time together he fell in love with Annie, showing signs of bitter jealousy towards her living fiancé, Owen, with whom Annie remained very much in love. Gilbert comforted Annie when she discovered Owen had killed her, declaring his own love for her. Gilbert was then allowed to pass through the 'Door of Death' (the light being blue, may symbolise heaven), having solved his "unfinished business" – falling in love, something he never experienced in life.

Series 3[]

Gilbert was mentioned by Annie saying she did in fact love him too but she was still processing that her fiancé killed her but Gilbert knew she felt the same way but she had to deal with Owen and her life.