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Hal and Fergus
Hal und Fergus
General Information
Intimacy Level infector, infectee, enemies
last mentioned The Graveyard Shift

Fergus was recruited by Hal. They spend a long time together during several centuries. When Hal and Fergus kill all the occupants of a stately home in 1855, Fergus keeps the last victim for Hal, even if he wants to drink her blood. Fergus tells the victim that besides Mr. Snow he is the only one who isn't afraid of Hal. However he also tells her not to mention it to Hal. So it seems like Fergus is afraid of Hal, he just doesn't want to admit it. If he wouldn't be afraid of Hal, he would have killed the victim himself and wouldn't have told her not to mention this to Hal. When he hears that Hal is back in town in 2012 Fergus contacts him. Fergus wants that Hal becomes the murderous vampire, that he has been for centuries and tries a lot to do so. Fergus respects Hal, but thinks he is worthless when he doesn't drink blood. When Hal is evil he gets along very well with Fergus, he prefers him over his other recruit Cutler, because Fergus loves to kill. They enjoy to commit massacres together and drink blood.