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Hal and Leo
Hal und Leo
General Information
Intimacy Level Best friends
First Met 1955
Status Leo is with Pearl in the afterlife, while Hal is trapped in dream world created by Hatch along with Tom and Alex.
last mentioned The Last Broadcast

Hal and Leo get to know each other in 1955. Hal is one of the Old Ones who organise werewolf fights. Leo is one of the werewolves that the Old Ones keep to fight against humans. Hal talks to Leo and they become friends. Since Hal has decided to give up blood, Leo tells him that they can move into a flat together and support each other. When they move into a flat they meet the ghost Pearl.

From 1955 to 2012 Hal does not drink any blood. However, he strictly follows Leo's structures and rules and doesn't leave the house. Meanwhile Leo works and earns the money for them..

When Leo suddenly becomes ill, he likes to ensure that Hal and Pearl are okay when he dies. So he introduces them to Annie. When Pearl tells Leo that she loves him, she has resolved her issue on earth so Pearl and Leo both leave Hal after Leo dies. Hal remains at Annie's house.