Being Human Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death 2013
Television Portrayal
First appearance The Greater Good
Appearances The Goblin an the Knight
Portrayed by Caitlin Richards

Hazel goes out in a pub waiting for her boyfriend, who is a Dj, when she meets Alan and Crumb. Alan and Crumb try to hook up with her but she refuses. She tells them that she is not interested because she has a boyfriend. She then leave with her boyfriend. Alan and Crumb say she owns them a drink. They follow her and her boyfriend into their flat and kill them.

Hazel appears again to Crumb when he's put into the basement of Honolulu Heights by Hal and Alex to try and get off blood. She appears covered in blood and says things to make Crumb feel guilty about killing her. Alan however doesn't see or hear anything she says. Then suddenly Crumb sees Hazel in Alan's chair instead of him. He wants to stop seeing her, so he breaks free of his binds and stakes her. He realises just after that it wasn't Hazel after all, and that he has just killed Alan thinking it was her.