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Heggeman was an 1,010 year old Vampire, who was the leader of a powerful clan of elder vampires called the Dutch. He was portrayed by Terry Kinney.


Early Life[]

At some point in the 11th century, Heggeman became a Vampire; the exact nature of how he, or the other members of the Dutch became Vampires is unknown, however they are regarded as being the oldest and strongest amongst Vampire kind (the only known exception being Mother). Heggeman would also go on to become leader of the elder Vampire clan known as the Dutch.


In 1955, Heggeman and fellow Dutch Elder Soltice made a visit to Boston, and met with the Vampires Aidan, Bishop and Carlo. During the visit, Jane (a Human woman he held fallen in love with) the Dutch went out for a night of debauchery and bloodlust with Aidan; who was covering for Bishop whilst he courted Jane (a Human woman he was in love with). The following day, the Dutch elders Heggeman and Solstice staked Boston's Vampire sect leader Carlo, as punishment for permitting Bishop’s heresy (relationships with Humans are considered blasphemous by the quasi-religious Elders, and are perceived by them as a betrayal of Vampire-kind.). After killing Carlo, The Dutch offered Bishop the leadership position, but demanded that he give up his romantic pursuit of Jane. Bishop chose to kill Jane, and The Dutch appointed him Leader of the Boston sect.

Season 1[]

Heggeman returned to Boston after Marcus revealed Bishop’s intention to increase vampire numbers to bring them into the public and overtake humans as the dominant species. Heggeman demanded that Bishop come to Pennsylvania and reside in the Earth for no less than 50 years as punishment for potentially disturbing the balance between sects. He says that vampires coming out to Humanity has been tried before, and has never worked. At a banquet, in which the main course was a compelled pregnant woman, Bishop refused Heggeman's demands and beheaded the other Elders after they started suffering the affects of Juniper, a slow acting herb that eventually produces temporary paralysis akin to rigor mortis. Due to their old-fashioned ways, the Dutch are nearly all killed by Bishop, with Heggeman saved by Aidan at the last moment.

It is assumed that Heggeman reported to the Council in Chicago and New York and informed them of Bishop's heresy. After Aidan kills Bishop, Heggeman gives him control of the Boston vampires and informs him that "She" wants to see him.

Season 2[]

Mother orders Heggeman to kill Josh, that is a distraction for Aidan, but during the night of the full moon he is killed by Nora during her first transformation. Heggeman's death is not to be taken lightly. The remaining Dutch are already issuing their complaints to Mother over his disappearance. Heggeman enjoyed a respected and ancient position among the Vampire leadership. At least one Dutch vampire has stated his intention to take the issue up with Mother.


Heggeman was an ancient and powerful Vampire. Heggeman, as well as the rest of the Dutch, deeply valued Vampire tradition; despite the fact that it was no longer necessary, the Dutch continued to sleep during the day, and had very little interaction with the human world (except as a food source). Heggeman could also be regarded as man of honour; he greatly respected loyalty, and viewed any act of heresy as a killable offence. Heggeman also had great respect for Vampire warriors; he held Aidan in high regard, due to his reputation as a savage and powerful Vampire.

Traits and Abilities[]


  • Due to the vagueness and inconsistency surrounding Mother’s age, Heggeman may have been the oldest Vampire to appear in the SYFY series.