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Herrick and Cara
General Information
First Met 2009
Started Dating 2009
last mentioned The Longest Day

Cara is Herrick's vampire lover. She is one of the few infectees of Herrick. Herrick mentioned once to Mitchell, that Mitchell should choose his infectees carefully. He should choose only one or two humans to recruit. Mitchell should trust them, because they are the once who can resurrect them and who should be trusted to do so. So Cara is one of the most important vampires to Herrick, but not by far as important for him as Mitchell. Mostly he wants Cara because she can bring him back from the dead. For Cara, however he is a lot more. After Herrick loses his memories Cara speaks to him. She wants Herrick to drink blood again. Herrick feels scared by this, and he enjoys to see her sad and shocked face when he tells her that he doesn't care of her. After hearing this, Cara feels to have lost her reason to live. She stakes herself in front of Herrick. Herrick is surprised and happy that she vanishes so easily. When he gets back his memory he doesn't mention Cara again.