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Herrick and Lauren
General Information
First Met 2008
last mentioned Where The Wild Things Are

It's a vampire rule that the vampires take care of their infectees. Since Mitchell doesn't take care of Lauren, Herrick, as Mitchell's maker, feels the need to make sure that she is taken care of. However Herrick doesn't do it himself. Lauren is passed around to several of Herrick's vampires. The vampire who looks after Lauren for the longest time is Seth. However Lauren doesn't like him, he is "starring at her tits". Next to making sure that Lauren is taken care of, Herrick also thinks that he might be albe to use Lauren to archieve his own goals. He hopes that Lauren can help to get back Mitchell. Lauren later tells Mitchell that Herrick forced her to make the DVD where she kills the human. When Mitchell wants Herrick to recruit Josie, Lauren tells him that he shouldn't do that. Mitchell shouldn't let them take someone he cares about, because they might become cruel and it changes the person. This might be a hint that Herrick and the other vampires have been cruel to Lauren, even though they are "catering to her every need". Her last words before dying are that Mitchell needs to stop Herrick as Herrick wants to tear everything down.