"Hold the Front Page"
Series 4, Episode 5

Broadcast date 4 March 2012
Written by Tom Grieves
Directed by Philip John
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"A Spectre Calls"
Becoming Human (Adam's Story)
"Puppy Love"
Adam: "How do you entertain a blob?"
Hal: "I thought I might read her some poetry."
Hal and Adam discuss Eve's care

Hold the Front Page is the fifth episode of the fourth series of Being Human which was first broadcast on 4th March 2012.


Cutler is killing people and staging fake werewolf attacks, planning a staged expose in order to distract the public from finding out about vampires. Meanwhile, Permanent 'teenage' vampire Adam (having apparently become separated from his friends as seen in the Becoming Human spinoff) becomes romantically and sexually involved with Yvonne Bradshaw, a middle-aged schoolmistress.

Fleeing the press, they come to Honolulu Heights in order to hide out. While there, Adam is photographed by the journalist Pete Travis, who realises Adam's vampire nature when his image does not show up on camera. Already investigating the hidden world of vampires for personal reasons, Peter enlists the help of Cutler. After both Tom and Hal fall for Yvonne after she has touched them, Hal realises that she is a succubus - a half-supernatural seductress who first bewitches men and then drains life from them via sex.

Annie manages to separate Adam from Yvonne and tries to help both of them come to terms with her condition. Despite a period of self-disgust and resentment during which she almost kills Tom, Yvonne eventually accepts her nature, aided by Adam (who despite his initial disgust comes to realise that he genuinely loves her) and the two leave together. Aware of Cutler's true nature, Peter attempts to trap and expose him but his plan backfires and Cutler kills him. Cutler uploads filmed werewolf transformation footage to the Internet and begins his expose.


The Four Tops - Reach Out I’ll Be There (sung by Hal)

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