Being Human Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation works at the New Found Out
Television Portrayal
First appearance Cure and Contagion
Last appearance Long Live The King
Portrayed by Nathan Wright

Hugh (AKA Darren), is standing in for his father at the New Found Out. He employs Annie after being seemingly taken aback by her 'ideas' for the pub. He knows that the pub isn't the most popular yet jokes about this.

After Annies employment it had appeared that Hugh bore a small crush on her. Which could be seen when Saul entered which he told Annie 'He should handle him' After realising Saul's handsome appearance. When Saul becomes more friendly to Annie, the jealousy grows more obvious. George, who had visited Annie in the pub had been observing Hugh's behaviour, finally broke this to Annie who laughed and claimed 'He was like a brother' Which George replied, 'The only man who ever wants to hear that is your actual brother.'

After Saul attacked Annie, Hugh talked to Annie and confessed his hatred for Saul, which Annie awkwardly agreed with him. After talking, Hugh slyly tell Annie how he feels about her, which lead to their first kiss. Hugh, however, backed off, feeling that Annie was only warming to him in rebound and told Annie if she truly wanted a relationship, tell him when she is ready. After Saul's death, Annie's emotional state and developing powers rendered her invisible to Hugh, making a relationship impossible. Assuming she fled due to him, Hugh is left depressed and lonely, prompting Annie, with a reluctant George, to try and make it right by setting him up with his ex, Kirsty. As George finds out more of Kirsty from Hugh (and quickly become friends due to their mutual female woes and neurotic obsession with cleanliness), they learn Kirsty is a florist who left Hugh due to him being too "ordinary".