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For the depiction of the human race in the remake SyFy series, see Human (Syfy)
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Humans are a non-supernatural species and the dominant race on Earth. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies were all once humans, and Succubi are half human. Humans possess no supernatural abilities and are thus weak compared to supernatural creatures. Vampires mostly see humans as a food suply, they also use humans to recruit new vampires. Humans cannot see ghosts, but can still be harmed by them. The majority of the humans are unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures. Most of them are shocked if they hear about the supernatural creatures that are living among them.

Though they lack the bloodlust of vampires or the predatory mindlessness of transformed werewolves, humans can still be extremely selfish, cruel, xenophobic and vengeful, and they can also kill, lie, be fanatic, be double-dealing and be back-stabbing. Thus, humans do not necessarily differ much from supernaturals such as vampires and demons, and can in some ways be considered worse than them. (i.e., as pointed out by John Mitchell, vampires are often slaves to their bloodlust when torturing and murdering, while humans have more of a choice in comparison when they take the path of evil.)

Connections to the supernatural[]

Werewolves, ghosts, vampires and zombies were all once humans, and vampires also use humans as a food source due to vampires' hunger for blood. The spirits of dead humans who had unresolved issues in their life become ghosts, and vampires and werewolves can turn humans into their own kind. Humans can become zombies under certain special circumstances, which mean that when humans die their spirits rebound into their corpses.

Psychics are humans with extra-sensory abilities that allow them to perceive the supernatural world to a certain extent. Some psychics are fully aware of their powers and view the abilities as a gift or a curse depending on the individual. Other suspected psychics are unaware of their powers and will experience pain both physically and emotionally as their powers attempt to manifest. Humans can be possessed by demons such as the Devil to act as physical forms for said demons in the world of the living.

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