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"I'm So Lonesome I Could Die"
Series 3, Episode 4
I'm So Lonesome I Could Die

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Episode chronology
The Teens They Are a Changin'
Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth

Sally reaches out to Aidan as his struggle to survive becomes direr.


Encouraged by a casual comment that Erin made about the ease of getting fake IDs, Sally becomes obsessed with finding a new identity in order to try and live in the world again. Her search eventually leads her back to Max's funeral home where he catches her trying to steal a social security number. Although it wasn't exactly what she was looking for, Sally ends up with a job at the funeral home and the distant promise of a new beau.

After feeling like Nora is snubbing him by not inviting him to her mother's birthday dinner, Josh decides to get some advice from Aidan. Once they talk it out, Josh decides that he's still intent on marrying Nora. So, he tells her that he's coming with her to the dinner, despite her discomfort with the whole situation. Josh thinks it'll be an opportunity to talk to Nora's parents about his intentions. At the birthday gathering, Nora's household is less than welcoming but Josh perseveres and Erin actually seems to be enjoying herself with RJ, Nora's brother. A little later during the evening, Josh gets quite a shock when Nora confesses that she killed Brynn, Conner's werewolf sister, in self-defense.

Once Josh finally asks Nora's dad for permission to marry his daughter, he's a bit underwhelmed by her father's response. In fact, Josh thinks that his words didn't make an impact at all but, unbeknownst to him, Nora's dad tells the rest of the family and RJ soon shows up at Josh and Nora's house, drunk and ready to celebrate. When Nora steps out to get him some coffee to help her brother sober up, RJ and Erin reconnect and start making outeven though she's only 15 years old. Josh goes berserk when he finds them kissing, and he and RJ get into a fistfight. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, Erin defends RJ and then runs away.

Distraught because so many of his loved ones have died, Aidan develops an intense death wish and starts to play Russian Roulette with his life by drinking the blood of anyone and everyone he can. This culminates in him attacking a biker at a local dive bar and leaving Sally to clean up behind him. Horrified about the current direction of Aidan's life, Sally takes matters into her own hands by threatening to stake Aidan is his own bed.

The scare tactic seems to work and, reluctantly, Aidan pulls it together by cleaning himself up and going back to work at the hospital. And in an odd twist of fate, one of his new patients might be the solution to Aidan's issue of finding clean blood: A "bubble boy" who can't be exposed to any of the viruses of the world