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Ilana Myers
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Television Portrayal
First appearance Going Dutch
Last appearance Too Far, Fast-Forward!
Actor Ellen David

Ilana Myers is a medium (possibly even a witch) hired by Danny Angeli to exorcise the ghost of Sally Malik. She goes through the ritual, slowly weakening Sally through the rite, until Sally possesses her in a fit of desperation, revealing the truth behind her death. Furious, Ilana stops the ritual immediately and breaks the salt barriers to free Sally, telling Danny that he deserves everything Sally has done to him and more.

Two years later, Ilana is hired by Josh Levison and Nora Sergeant in their attempts to bring Sally back from Limbo, but she cannot help and in fact fears the house. She instead, somewhat reluctantly, directs them to find Donna Gilchrist, a witch skilled in blood magic. After Josh and Nora's efforts are successful, Ilana finally meets Sally face to face for the first time. Somewhat reluctantly, Ilana helps Sally learn how to fight Donna. Not long afterwards, a reanimated Ray, who was sent by Donna, snaps Ilana's neck and kills her. Donna later revealed Ilana's fate to Sally, and admitted that Ilana had had more talent and skill than most of the would-be witches in Boston. She is portrayed by Ellen David.

Alternate Timeline[]

In an alternate timeline created by Sally Malik, Ilana is contacted in 2012 by a possessed Josh in order to contact Donna. However, she recognizes that Josh is possessed and forces Sally out of Josh. She leaves however when she learns Josh can see Sally and when she becomes unnerved by the kind of relationship they appeared to have. When Sally corrected the timeline, her history was restored to normal, meaning she is still dead.