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"In The Morning"
Series 2, Episode 6
In The Morning

Broadcast date 14 February 2010
Written by Lisa McGee
Directed by Charles Martin
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"The Looking Glass"
Mitchell: "Look. You just spread the word, OK, I want everyone there."
Ivan: "Just leave it to me. I've got most of them on my Twitter feed, so..."
Mitchell assigns Ivan a task

In The Morning is the sixth episode of the second series of Being Human.


Annie befriends the psychic Alan Cortez who lost most of his "sixth sense" in an accident and has been unable to communicate with spirits since then. His once awful stage show now serves to help ghosts send their final messages to loved ones - something Annie does as well when her mother attends the show.

George's relationship with Sam gets more serious, but when a parent-teacher night falls on a full moon, it forces George to lie about his plans to cover up his secret.

Mitchell plans to leave the coven to start a life with Lucy, but unbeknownst to him Lucy helps Kemp stage an explosion in the funeral parlor, killing most of the vampires.


Flashback - 1972. This episode shows us the origin of Kemp's hatred of vampires; as a young vicar, he saw his wife and daughter killed by them.


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Sleep Alone, by Bat For Lashes, from the album Two Suns (2009) - playing on the soundtrack as Mitchell heads home after his night with Lucy, while she goes to church to pray
  • The Noble Art of Letting Go, by Rebekka Karijord, from the album The Noble Art of Letting Go (2009) - playing on the soundtrack as Annie walks down the street, then sees the poster for Alan Cortez's psychic show
  • Your Pleasure is Our Pleasure, by The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, from the album The Voodoo Trombone Quartet (2005) - playing on the soundtrack as the ghosts get organised backstage before Alan's show
  • Now's the Only Time I Know (live), by Fever Ray, from the album Live in Lulea (2009) - playing on the soundtrack as Mitchell rehearses his speech to the vampires
  • Heysatan, by Sigur Ros, from the album Takk (2005) - playing on the soundtrack as Mitchell, Lucy and Kemp prepare for the final vampire meeting

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