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Ivan was a 237 year old vampire, as well as one of the Old Ones.[1] [2] Ivan has some history with Mitchell, presumably through Mitchell's known association as one of Herrick's protégés. Nothing is known about his human life, though he relates bits and pieces through casual conversation.


Early Life[]

Very little is known of Ivan’s Human life; he was born in 1773, and his accent implies a Welsh background. Ivan was recruited as a Vampire in 1815; at some point, he would go on to become an Old One. Ivan is known to have no children of his own, he is also responsible for recruiting the Vampire Daisy, whom he met in an air-raid shelter during a bombing raid in London in 1941. Daisy flirts with Ivan, and he quickly narrows in on her weaknesses and secret desires. She has a small daughter, Pearl, but admits less than a firm commitment to the child. Ivan shocks her by giving these unmaternal and secret desires a voice, asking her bluntly if she feels guilt because she feels that way about her child, or because she doesn't. He "predicts" Daisy's future life for her, one of increasing disappointment, "settling" and bitterness. He then invites Daisy to come with him, as he throws open the bomb shelter door even as shells continue to fall. Though initially hesitant, Daisy decides on a new life with Ivan, leaving everything, including her child (not present in the scene) behind, Presumably, from that time on, Ivan and Daisy are a pair, and at some time marry, as they refer to one another as "husband" and "wife".

Before returning to Bristol, Ivan spent some time with Daisy in Singapore, which is where their characters are introduced in Series 2. Daisy has been interrupted after killing the bartender by the the appearance of Hetty, who is mistaken by Daisy for a little girl (and potential snack). Ivan, who follows Hetty in, reveals the "child" to be one of the Old Ones, her childlike appearance (in a schoolgirl's uniform) quickly belied by her adult voice and request for a drink to cure her hangover. Their easy conversation and Ivan's announcement to Daisy that he "ran into" Hetty displays they have a long acquaintance, at the very least.

Series 2[]

Ivan and Daisy travel to Bristol in order to meet the Werewolf, George, who killed the Vampire leader Herrick; Daisy and Ivan lure George and the Vampire Mitchell to a car park. Whilst Daisy taunts George, Ivan takes the opportunity to confront Mitchell. Ivan warns Mitchell of the wound left by Herrick’s death, and how the Vampires will become a growing threat. Ivan and Daisy leave the car park, with George antagonised and Mitchell warned. Ivan is later seen watching Daisy and George have sex after his transformation.

Ivan had just agreed to take Mitchell's place as the "leader" of the group, after initially refusing Mitchell's request. Ivan has never really gone dry, but has agreed to continue as a figurehead, an inspiration of an old, experienced vampire having "taken the pledge." Mitchell has reluctantly allowed Ivan to continue to feed in strictest secrecy. All of Mitchell's pleas for Ivan to take over are airily dismissed by Ivan until Mitchell confesses that he is distancing himself out of love for Dr. Lucy Jaggett. Ivan surprised Mitchell by agreeing to take the leadership position, as he has enjoyed the love and companionship of Daisy, and "everyone deserves a Daisy."

Ivan dies in his attempt to save Mitchell from the explosion, having noticed the bomb, activated by mobile phone as Mitchell made his "farewell speech" to a meeting (consisting mostly of Vampires Anonymous members) in the basement of a funeral home; the same funeral home which served as the headquarters of vampire activity in Bristol. Warned by the telltale ringtone, Ivan notices the explosive device and throws himself over Mitchell, protecting him from the worst of the blast.


The last shot of Ivan is after the explosion at the funeral parlour. He is seen, face up and eyes open (human, not vampiric) on the ground (it appears to be the street) with dark blood pooled behind his head. Meeting Mitchell after the bombing, Daisy leaves a bouquet of flowers for Ivan; despite their open relationship, Daisy mourns and desires revenge when Ivan is killed in the explosion at the funeral home; This sparks Daisy and Mitchell to want revenge and causes many events such as the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre.


Ivan strongly conveys the sense that appearance and form are important to him. While he does profess disdain for Herrick's megalomania and "vision", he adheres to a code that vampires must stick together, and holds disdain for werewolves (which extends to Mitchell's association with George). He is cultured and urbane, with the viewer getting the message that, between all the sensual activities in which Ivan revels, he has learned his restraint through his need for security travels through both physical places and his long time as a vampire itself.

Ivan also tries to keep out of vampire politics. (He tells Daisy in the fall-out shelter that his "kind" are uninterested in world politics as well.) Implicit through what both Ivan and Daisy say and how they act is their personal "take" on the vampire lifestyle, which is one of constant travel to any place that interests them (Ivan having more depth and culture than Daisy, who is more of a hedonist) feeding/blood and sex (with one another; though Daisy indulges with other partners, which include George.) Ivan is aware of Daisy's behaviour, as he comments to George after retrieving Carl, a vampire friend of Mitchell then on the run, that Daisy "sends her greetings."

He takes great care of his old Citroën DS. It is one of Ivan's "rules of the car" that since it is his car, he controls the radio and likes Kate Bush music. Ivan shows he has "kept up" with the times, by remarking to Mitchell, when Mitchell announces the need to quickly gather everyone for a meeting, that he has hundreds on his Twitter feed.

Traits and Abilities[]

Ivan possessed all of the typical traits and abilities of a Vampire; such as immortality, enhanced strength and senses, awareness of the supernatural, advanced regeneration, and invulnerability to most conventional causes of fatality. Ivan also possessed retractable fangs, the ability to ingest and digest blood, and his image could not be captured on film or in reflections. Due to his advanced age and status as an Old One, Ivan was stronger and more powerful than younger Vampires; he was able to easily overpower the Vampire Mitchell. As an Old One, Ivan was also immune to religious objects, and could enter a residence without an invitation.