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Ivan and Daisy
Ivan und Daisy
General Information
Intimacy Level lovers, love of their lifes
First Met 1941
Started Dating 1941
Status both died
last mentioned All God's Children
You should have said it was about love. I get it now. We all lead long and appalling lives. But I have my Daisy. Everyone deserves a Daisy.
— Ivan about Daisy to Mitchell

Ivan and Daisy got to know during World War II. Ivan came to Daisy's house. Outside the bombs were falling down. Daisy asked Ivan to turn her into a vampire. Ivan did as she asked. Since then they moved through the world together.

When Ivan was killed by the CenSSA, it made Daisy so angry that she committed the box tunnel 20 massacre to take revenge for Ivans death. Only a short time later Daisy was killed by McNair.