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Janey Harris
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Television Portrayal
First appearance Flotsam and Jetsam
Last appearance Where The Wild Things Are
Portrayed by Sama Goldie

Janey Harris is the current girlfriend of Owen.

Annie says that she works in a tanning salon, and has an orange complexion because she 'thinks it looks classy', and constantly refers to her as an 'orange pleb'. When haunting Janey, Annie reveals to her that Owen was the one who killed her, and that she has to stop seeing him, before it’s too late. Janey says that he does make her feel scared sometimes, but she loves him. When Owen comes home, Janey says that she met Annie, and he tells her that is a figment of her imagination, and that it is guilt for sleeping with him when he was engaged to Annie.

It is unknown whether she still remained a part of Owen's life, after he was committed to a psychiatric hospital in "Episode 1.6".