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Jeff Weston was Kat's former college professor and ex-boyfriend.


A few years ago he dated Kat Neeley. While discussing their future together Kat told him she wanted children in which he replied he had all the children he wanted to have. Afterwards they broke up and he found a new girlfriend.

Season 3[]

Jeff was introduced to Aidan not long after they had both taken a visit to a museum. Noticing Kat from afar, Jeff approached them with his new girlfriend Marissa and curtly introduced himself to Aidan. In an unspecified amount of time after their first meeting, Aidan had drained him on a blood bender.

Later, Jeff woke up as a defective vampire. He began to stalk Aidan, who noticed him while attending Josh's Bachelor Party in a local strip club. Leaving soon after, Aidan could not recognize him underneath his hood.

Detected again by Aidan the following night, he was initiated into a short struggle. Aidan could not recognize who or what he was behind the deformities and all Jeff could muster was a confession to his intense hunger, noticing the hindrance to Aidan's performance in his open wound. After a brief altercation Jeff was staked, tearfully asking why Aidan inflicted the curse upon him. Reverting back to a human visage before dusting, Aidan was deeply disturbed by this familiar face.

Traits and Abilities[]

As a Defective Vampire, Jeff possessed all of the standard traits and abilities of a Vampire, but to a more advanced degree; including immortality, enhanced strength, senses and vitality, superhuman speed, awareness of the supernatural, mental compulsion, increased recovery rate and invulnerability to most conventional causes of fatality. Despite being recently turned, Jeff was very animalistic and strong; attacking his prey with a heightened bloodlust, and even being able to briefly overpower Aidan (however this could have been because of his wound from where Sally had fed off him). As a Defective Vampire, Jeff would have possessed an advanced form of a Vampire’s mental compulsion ability; allowing him to compel other supernaturals like vampires, however, he never got the chance to use it.


  • Jeff was the first Defective Vampire to appear in the series.
  • Jeff was the first on-screen victim from one of Aidan's "blood benders".
  • As shown with Kenny, had Jeff stayed alive, he would have developed the ability to hide his deformities.