Jenny McGough
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Killed By

Vampire presumably Christopher

Cause of Death

a vampire drank all her blood

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Jenny McGough is the daughter of Dr Declan McGough. She had lived together with her parents in a lovely little townhouse in Clifton with nice views and a garden. One day Dr Declan McGough and his wife find her dead in her bed. There wasn't a drop of blood left in her body. It wasn't the only child who died that way. They have all heared the rumors. Dr Declan McGough believed it were vampires. A pastor gave him a number of an unnamed organisation and says that Dr Declan McGoughs words won't fall on deaf ears. Dr Declan McGough rang them he said it changed him. It made him a killer. It is possiple that this organisation might have been the CenSSA since Dr Declan McGough is also in contact with Professor Jaggat.

Since the vampire Christopher killed a lot of children during that time, it is possible that he was the one who killed Jenny.

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