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Jeremy Carver is an American television writer and producer best known for his work on The CW series Supernatural and as the co-creator of the North American version of Being Human. He is married to the series's co-creator Anna Fricke.

Carver's career began in 2004 when he served as a consulting writer on the failed television pilot Fearless, based upon the series of novels by Francine Pascal. In 2006 he wrote an episode of the CBS series Waterfront, but the series was canceled before its premiere and Carver's episode never aired.

In 2007 he began work on Supernatural as a writer and story editor. He became a co-producer on the fifth season, before departing the series at the end of that year. He returned as the series' co-showrunner for the eighth season. During his three seasons on the show, Carver wrote or co-wrote eleven scripts for the series. On that show, there was a character, a writer/prophet named Chuck Shurley, who went by the pen name "Carver Edlund", a combination of Carver's last name and that of Ben Edlund, another Supernatural writer. This TV show also named an important character after executive producer Robert Singer.

Since then he has been working as an executive producer and showrunner for Syfy's Being Human, which is going into its fourth season.


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