Jessica Dunbarton was a friend and flatmate of Lauren Drake and Caroline Martin. The three girls studied medicine together at university. They did everything together. Then Lauren left, and moved far away from them to Bristol. She started to become a nurse, while Jessica and Caroline stayed at the university.

Jessica and Caroline were best friends. They were inseparable. Every week, they'd meet at their local park, hang out, walked their dogs and talked about boys. One week, Jessica did not turn up and was never seen again. Caroline was inconsolable. But still, she continued to show up at the same spot at the park every week - week in, week out. Three weeks after Jessica went missing someone taped Caroline on a video while she was in the park. She was talking to someone, that could not be captured on camera. After that Caroline was never seen again. The police presumed she was murdered or possibly driven to suicide, but the body was never found. However that was not the last time the girls were seen. There was one more sighting. They were spotted with Lauren Drake in Bristol, only shortly after Lauren became a vampire. Lauren either converted Jessica into a vampire who in turn converted Caroline or Lauren killed them both.

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