Being Human Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Television Portrayal
First appearance Another Fine Mess
Portrayed by Barry Aird

Jim is a neighbor of George, Mitchell and Annie. When Fleur comes to Mitchell's door, he hears that Mitchell has given a porn DVD to Fleurs son Bernie. Jim immidiatly supports Fleur. He calls Mitchell a "dirty bastard".

When Mitchell goes to Fleur to sort out the misunderstanding Jim stops him and tells him, that he should leave. If Mitchell doesn't leave he will make Mitchell's life hell. Jim helps Fleur to set up a witchhunt against Mitchell and George.

Then Bernie comes alone to Mitchell's house to appologise, since he kept watching the film even though he knew it was the wrong DVD. Jim pushes Bernie away, saying that he is doing it to protect him. He shouts at Mitchell, but then Bernie has a terrible accident. He gets infront of a car. The neighbors, including Jim are shocked and silent. That's the last thing we see about Jim. However Fleur tells Mitchell at the end that she told the neighbors that she got it wrong and that it was all a misunderstanding. Furthermore she said to the neighbors that Mitchell was trying to save Bernie. So the neighbors stopped the witchhunt.