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Josie Hunter
Josie Hunter
Gender Female
Age 50-60s
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death 2009 (sacrificed herself to save Mitchell)
Occupation dance teacher
Television Portrayal
First appearance Where The Wild Things Are
Last appearance The Looking Glass
Appearances "Episode 1.5"
"Episode 1.6"
"Episode 2.5"
Portrayed by Clare Higgins
Charlene McKenna

Josie Hunter was an ex-girlfriend of John Mitchell.


Early Life[]

Josie met Mitchell in 1969 when he took her hostage following he and Herrick's murder of two women in her apartment block in London. Mitchell spared her life after she confronted him about his lack of desire to kill. Josie subsequently helped Mitchell temporarily go clean and they dated for a while. In 1969 they also came to Bristol for one weekend, they were staying at the Clifton Hotel, as Mr and Mrs McCartney, since Mitchell couldn't think of anything else. Josie stole her mother's wedding ring. They only left the hotel to buy more cigarettes and chocolate.

Series 1[]

In 2009 Mitchell again encountered her in the St. Jude's Hospital in Bristol where she was undergoing treatment for terminal lung cancer. It was revealed she had married and moved to the city with her late husband upon his retirement. Her husband had died in 2004. She warned George of the vampires' plans after Mitchell asked Herrick to recruit her. She visited Mitchell in hospital following his attack by Herrick and offered her blood (meaning her life also) to help him recover from the stake in his heart; she was found dead the next morning.

Series 2[]

Young Josie

In Series 2 the circumstances of Josies and Mitchells meeting are revealed. They first met in 1969. Josie was Mitchell's and Herrick's hostage. Herrick wanted to kill Josie, but Josie realised that Mitchell didn't. She talked to him and Mitchell let her go!  After it Mitchell wants to leave flowers at her door. Josie just comes around, they talk. Together with Lucy, Josie was the only person that Mitchell could have sex with, without hurting her.


  • While it is initially suggested that Josie met Mitchell in a casual social context such as at a bar (Episode 1.6), the circumstances of their meeting are shown in a series of flashbacks in Series 2 (Episode 2.5). It is unclear if this is a continuity error.