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Joy Benson
Joy Benson
Gender Female
Species unknown
Status Deceased
Television Portrayal
First appearance
Last appearance House Hunting
Portrayed by Sabrina Reeves

Carl and Joy moved into Sally's house before their daughters Beatrice and Ramona were born. Beatrice says that they werent good people. One night at one of their parties they made a new friend. He pursuaded them to join a cult, which worthshiped the Demon Paimon. He is one of the kings of hell a sort of a hencheman for Lucifer. According to their friend, Paiman would reveal to them all the mysteries of the earth. But he required a sacrifice. The cult decided to evoke the demon when Joy was pregnant with twins. So they promised one of their twins to Paimon.

They had two girls Ramona and Beatrice. They raised Beatrice with everything she could ask for, but they never accepted her twin Ramona.They kept her upstairs in a secret room. They never introduced her to the world. Beatrice tried to play with Ramona whenever she could, whenever they let her. Her parent's didn't even give Ramona a name. So Beatrice named her Ramona. When they were about ten, their parents had a party. And in the morning when Beatrice went upstairs to play with Ramona, she was gone. Her parents had sacrifed Ramona to the Demon Paimon. However they told Beatrice that they gave Ramona away. They threatened her to never speak of Ramona again. She didn't find out who her parents and their friends really were until many years later. She said that something happened to them and thing didn't turn well. However the audience doesn't neither gets to know who Beatrice parents where nor what happened to them, since Ramona appeared and killed Beatrice, before she could say anything more. In the episode  The Panic Womb it is mentioned that both Carl and Joy had died.