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Julia Beckett
Julia Beckett
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation student
Television Portrayal
First appearance "Pilot"
Portrayed by Claire Foy

"You got an IQ of a 156 and you are a bloody hospital porter. Your mom will go mental."
―To George

Julia (Claire Foy) is George's former fiancée in the Pilot Episode of Being Human. After George was infected with the werewolf curse he had left her without a warning. She thought he was dead and hasn't seen him for 2 years. Then she meets him again at the St. Jude's Hospital. Julia suffers from epilepsy and was sent to the hospital after a grand mal seizure. She is engaged again, but her new fiancé is very jealous and violent. When her fiancé Peter attacks her George saves her. She wants to see him again, but he pushes her away. So when George wents into the basement of the hospital to turn into a werewolf she locks herself and George in. She wants to get George to talk to her. Desperately George calls Annie who gets her out. After she realises that George is a werewolf and is living with a ghost and a vampire she says that a relationship between her and George would not work out. She says she is not strong enough to face all this and leaves George.

Julia was with George on holiday in Scotland when George was infected with the werewolf curse. She stayed at the hotel and read a novel of Agatha Christie, while George went on a walk with another hotel guest. The hotel guest got killed and George was infected with the werewolf curse. He never returned to the hotel or to Julia. (Flotsam and Jetsam & Bad Blood)

Julia was very good with plants. (Bad Blood)